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Jennifer's Story

Jennifer has been in the cosmetology industry from a very young age. She was already doing hair when she halted her employment to become licensed, and she’s been a professional for almost 30 years. She believes that she was anointed to better humanity, and has met people from all walks of life, people at both the low and high ends of the socioeconomic scale.


God has been working in and through Jennifer Gause from day one. Her transformation is as the caterpillar’s that turned into a butterfly – just that dramatic. She is not your average cosmetologist, beautician, or hairdresser. And, in spite of all that she’s done, there is yet so much more awaiting her – greatness that is far above anything that she could ever have dreamed or imagined.

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I am so proud of Jennifer. She writes from her heart and her book is captivating.

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