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About Jennifer Gause

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Jennifer has been in the cosmetology industry from a very young age. She was already doing hair when she halted her employment to become licensed, and she’s been a professional for almost 30 years. She believes that she was anointed to better humanity, and has met people from all walks of life, people at both the low and high ends of the socioeconomic scale.


God has been working in and through Jennifer Gause from day one. Her transformation is as the caterpillar’s that turned into a butterfly – just that dramatic. She is not your average cosmetologist, beautician, or hairdresser. And, in spite of all that she’s done, there is yet so much more awaiting her – greatness that is far above anything that she could ever have dreamed or imagined. 


Jennifer worked with some of the popular franchise hair salons, but God wanted freedom for her – freedom to walk in the fulness that He created her for. So, she seized the opportunity that the Lord presented her to own a salon. After several years of owning Jennifer's Hair Outlet, she furthered her licensing level to Master Instructor of Cosmetology. This type of licensing removed any and all barriers. With regards to teaching, training and mentoring others in cosmetology, there is nothing that she isn’t licensed and skilled to handle. 


Jennifer is familiar with competitions, shows, education and other phases of the cosmetology industry. The average client or stylist isn’t aware that to be a specialist, you have to learn to do more than the average hairdresser. 


The Lord has done a great work in Jennifer, and through her. She had no idea that the Lord was preparing a platform through her diverse experiences working in the industry. She is eternally grateful to God for all that He's done in and through her. And she knows that if it were not for her beautiful family by her side the entire time, she could not have become who God has made her to be. There would have been no Conversations from the Chair. And, there are hundreds more stories to be released, and they will touch many lives. So, stay tuned. This journey has only just begun.

Let’s Work Together

16 East Lee Ave

Sapulpa, OK 74066

Tel: 918-224-4867

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